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Otto Khoza


Mr Otto Khoza is The President & Chief Investment Officer, and Managing Partner at Jigsaw Capital International, also known as Jigsaw International Finance LLC, a renowned multinational project financing and trade finance house. With its extensive network of offices in Dubai, Geneva, Toulouse, New York, Gaborone, and Johannesburg. Jigsaw benefits immensely from Otto's strategic acumen and relentless pursuit of excellence. Otto Is also The Executive Vice-President and Partner at Get Gas Group LLC, Series 2, a USA based Oil & Gas Global Company, with its main focus in imports and exports of refined petroleum products. Known for his uncanny ability to close even the most challenging transactions, Mr. Khoza's reputation precedes him, marking him as one of the industry's finest.


Otto is a Global Entrepreneur and Investor, who stands tall in the world of Investment Banking, Trade and Finance, with an unparalleled track record. He’s a Business Development Expert, with over 2 decades of experience in Finance and Investment banking, International Trade, within various industries and sectors such as Banking, Oil & Gas, Mining, Investment & Finance Firms, Fortune 500 Corporations across EMEA, ASIA, UK, and North America. Otto’s international exposure to multicultural facets of businesses across EMEA and Asia has helped him to strengthen and hone his experience and business acumen. His expertise in closing major financial transactions transcends various asset classes and geographies, making him a force to reckon with in the Trade and Finance Sectors.





C.E.O Chief Executive Officer Managing Partner


President & Chief Invesment Officer Managing Partner


President & Chief Financial Officer Managing Partner