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About us

Import-export solutions for your business:


Our clients, mostly import-export professionals, are always on the lookout for the most effective ways to stretch their own core capital to handle increasing business. We at Jigsaw International, with over 50 years of trade finance experience amongst their top three professionals, assist our clients in developing the most capital efficient ways to grow their businesses whilst answering the age old question: how am I going to finance my growing import export business?


We provide the action tools to make your growth possible through:


• Provision of import letters of credit to your foreign suppliers. 


• Assisting you in financing the invoices so that your business can successfully offer payment terms to your customers, who are likely to do more business if they can get extended payment terms. A credit insurance overlay to the process will also serve as protection for your customer credit risks.


 • We can help you stretch your own business capital farther than you might have imagined, providing the launching pad for more rapid growth. Money makes the world go round, and we at Jigsaw can help make your world turn faster.

The best solutions for your business

Our Approach

Everything we do is client driven. We begin with a review of client objectives and finances as the base from which to make suggestions to advance, clients growth and stability objectives. We have experience working with clients in many countries around the world and have some understanding of the needs associated with different countries.

Our Mission

We provide the finance tools to assist small to medium size enterprises, all over the world in growing their business, through the ability to finance invoices, and to increase their imports and exports through the financing tools we can provide. We want to enable the growth of our clients businesses.